Ripple Effects: Interactive Educational Youth Workshops


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Exploring global warming and the effects on stormwater and on nature

Youth workshops will provide an opportunity for kids to use stencils and spray paint to express their thoughts about global warming and the effects on stormwater and on nature on the sidewalks of downtown Bloomington.

The workshop will begin with looking at the artwork on the topic of global warming on exhibit at the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts, and then looking at real live crawfish from local streams and learning about how crawfish are indicators of water quality.

Lead facilitator, Kriste Lindberg, Stormwater Education Specialist for the City of Bloomington Utilities, together with Karen Danielson McRae and Gail Bray will talk with youth participants about how global warming is impacting stormwater locally and globally, and endangering some of our favorite species of
land and water creatures.

There will be two Interactive Educational Youth Workshops (max 12 participants per workshop). Ages 9 through 16 are encouraged to attend, and must be accompanied with a parent or guardian, who can sign a waiver and observe the workshop.

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