The Global Warming Painting Exhibition & Lecture Series

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May 2021

A painting exhibition by David J. Emerson Young


Artist Statement
by David J Emerson Young

Exhibition Brochure
Descriptions of each of the lectures and youth workshops


“Global Warming Series”
artwork by artist David J Emerson Young

5 Lectures on the Psychology and Science of Global Warming 1 hr 45 minutes each

Melting Glacier

Global Warming Series.Effects on Nature

Suburban Carcinoma, 2019, 54_ wide x 75_ tall, acrylic on linen canvas

Global Warming Series.Causes

Future Cities, 2020, 45_ wide x 63 1_2_ tall, acrylic on linen canvas

Global Warming Series. After Effects on Humans


Compassionate Reasoning

“Compassionate Reasoning” video with Dr. Marc and Christel Gopin (22-minutes)

Painting With Purpose

WTIU/PBS Journey Indiana/Global Warming Series documentary paintings and interview with David J Emerson Young, Dr. Marc and Christel Gopin and Dr. Bennett Brabson